Noise Music Resource Directory


  • Ars Technica: Do MP3 Encoders Sound Different?
    A superb article comparing four of the most popular MP3 encoders. If you ever encode MP3s, this is definitely worth reading.
  • How To Be A Cult Industrial Project: The Unspoken Rules Of The Dark-Electro-Post-Industro-Noise "Scene"
    An uncensored, humorous piece about the industrial/noise scene. An amusing introduction to the genre for new-comers. :P
    (This was emailed to me. If the author wishes to receive credit for it, s/he should just let me know.)
  • Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music
    A humerous visual guide to the interconnectivity of the various electronic music genres. This site is a heavy download and not recommended for users with dial-up connections.
  • Noise Generator
    A generator to explore different types of noise.
  • Pandora
    Music discovery services created by the Music Genome Project™. Unfortunately the music selection seems to be a bit limited at the moment, as it very seldomly passes into the obscure, yet this is definitely worth investigating. Due to licensing constraints this service is currently only available in the U.S.
  • The Hidden Agenda of the Noise Music Conspiracy
    A disapproving essay about noise music.
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