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  • Blues House Auctions
    An online auction site for musicians by musicians. Blues House Auctions support music education in schools by donating 35% of their profits to three music charities (GITC, MuST and Music for All). They are dedicated to helping any child who ever wanted to play an instrument.
  • Circuit Bent
    Custom circuit bent instruments by Kevin Rees.
  • Circuitbenders
    Circuit bending is the creative short-circuiting of low voltage, battery-powered electronic audio devices such as guitar effects, children's toys and small synthesizers to create new musical instruments and sound generators.
  • Hypercustom
    Yuri Landman, builder of experimental electric musical instruments, documents some of his own custom pieces, as well as some built by others. This is a very interesting read for anyone interested in unusual musical instruments.
  • NoiseFX
    Musical equipment and accessories for the discerning noise/experimental musician.
  • NoiseGuide
    Information, pictures and reviews of musical equipment that might appeal to musicians who don't play common styles of music... like noise!
  • reactable
    A multi-user electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving physical artefacts on the table surface and constructing different audio topologies in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.
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  • 813 Noise Collective
    Discussions about noise, gear, shows, classifieds and more.
  • Chain D.L.K. forums
    A whole bunch of forums dedicated to a variety of music and unrelated topics. Not exclusively for noise, but still worth investigating.
  • Extreme Noise
    International underground network of extreme noise. Campaign for musical destruction continues.
  • Heathen Hideout
    Illuminating the post industrial underground.
  • i hate music
    Noise music and more.
  • iheartnoise forum
    Active discussion forum centered around the noise scene. Includes regional sections as well as general purpose forums.
  • Noiseboard433
    A bulletin board with moderated and unmoderated forums exclusively dedicated to noise. [inactive when last tested]
  • NoiseGuide forum
    Sections for noise music, gear, movies and miscellaneous.
  • Operation Tinnitus
    An online community for noise/industrial musicians.
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Promo tools

  • areacode noise
    An autonomous grassroots movement designed to bring experimental and noise communities together under the guise of their local area code.
  • Creative Commons
    A non-profit organization that offers a flexible copyright for creative work.
  • Infinite Sector Project, The
    A non-profit collective dedicated to sharing and promoting experimental music.
  • LittleBig
    Tour booking, setting up special events, management and consultancy.
  • Sorted Noise Music Production & Publishing
    A group of music industry professionals built around producers / writers / multi-instrumentalists Thad Beaty and Jason Collum. It offers production, artist development, licensing for tv, film and advertising, and new media marketing.
  • Tour:Smart
    Touring seminars for bands intending to tour the United States.
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  • Audition Radio
    The Sound 323 radio programme broadcast Sunday nights from 19:00 until 20:00 GMT on Resonance 104.4FM in central London, UK. Also available as a stream. Previous shows are available as archived downloads.
  • Caffeine
    Weekly radio show broadcast Thursday nights between 23:00 and 00:00 (GMT +1:00) on Unistar 99.5 FM (Minsk, Belarus). Also available as a stream. Features electro-industrial, power electronics, digital hardcore, drill'n'bass, ebm, idm, broken beats, ragga-jungle, rhythm'n'noise, and more sub genres.
  • Darkdrone Radio
    Streaming audio radio station described as "the world's best drone, ethnic, experimental, noise and ambient music". Requires a Live365 login.
  • Hidden Forms Radio
    Airs every Saturday night from 19:00 until 21:00 CST (GMT -5:00) on WNUR 89.3FM Chicago and live via the web.
  • Noisedisco
    Weekly radio show broadcast Wednesday nights between 22:00 and 00:00 (GMT +1:00) on Radio Rüsselsheim (Rüsselsheim, Germany). Also available as a stream.
  • Re:automation Radio
    An online radio show for experimental music (noise, IDM, glitch, dark ambient, electronica, powernoise, power electronics, post-rock, metal, hip-hop, glitch). Available as podcast, stream or download.
  • Schizophonia Radio Show
    A French industrial radio show on air every Wednesday evening on Radio Mau-Nau 94.2 FM (Châlons en Champagne - 51).
  • Taâlem Radio
    Ambient, experimental, industrial, tribal and field recordings.
  • Tone Plus
    A bi-weekly radio show bringing you the experimental music, industrial, noise, improvisation, electro-acoustic, weird sound-scapes and sonic arts supporting independent sound art.
  • zenRadio
    A streaming MP3 web radio broadcast featuring ambient, beatless, dark ambient, downtempo, glitch, IDM, illbient, microsound, montage, softer noise, soundscape, and other forms of experimental electronica. Requires a Live365 login.
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  • AddictiveNoize
    News, events, reviews and interviews related to IDM, industrial and other kinds of electronic music.
  • Aether Everywhere
    A music and culture resource dedicated to drone, ambient, sound collage, field recordings, heavy psych, noise and all the points where they intersect.
  • angbase
    This is an archive of the angbase noise zine articles and interviews published 1997 - 2002.
  • Ars Morta
    One of the first independent organizations formed to bring avantgarde electronic and industrial music to the Czech Republic.
  • Aural Pressure
    The latest events, reviews, gigs, links etc. in the industrial, dark electronic and related scenes thoughout the UK and Europe, with a special focus on events in London.
  • Blood Ties WebZine
    Noise music reviews, interviews and scene information.
  • Chain D.L.K.
    An extension of the Chain D.L.K. music portal that contains news, reviews and interviews.
  • Funprox
    The main theme of this website was underground music, usually of a darker nature. Music reviews formed the most important part of the site, and various guest contributors helped to keep this section varied and up-to-date. It closed down in 2007, but the archive is still available.
    Information, pictures and reviews of musical equipment that might appeal to musicians who don't play common styles of music... like noise!
  • Incursion
    Reviews and writings on new music as well as exhibits of visual art, sound projects and narratives. Updated monthly.
  • Kuolleen musiikin yhdistys
    Finnish webzine and events organizers.
  • Música industrial
    A Spanish blog about industrial, noise and experimental music.
  • Re:automation
    A webzine for experimental music (noise, IDM, glitch, dark ambient, electronica, powernoise, power electronics, post-rock, metal, hip-hop, glitch).
  • Seven
    Lots of album reviews.
  • [walnut + locust]
    Interviews, reviews and more — not limited to [walnut + locust] netlabel releases and artists.
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  • Ars Technica: Do MP3 Encoders Sound Different?
    A superb article comparing four of the most popular MP3 encoders. If you ever encode MP3s, this is definitely worth reading.
  • How To Be A Cult Industrial Project: The Unspoken Rules Of The Dark-Electro-Post-Industro-Noise "Scene"
    An uncensored, humorous piece about the industrial/noise scene. An amusing introduction to the genre for new-comers. :P
    (This was emailed to me. If the author wishes to receive credit for it, s/he should just let me know.)
  • Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music
    A humerous visual guide to the interconnectivity of the various electronic music genres. This site is a heavy download and not recommended for users with dial-up connections.
  • Noise Generator
    A generator to explore different types of noise.
  • Pandora
    Music discovery services created by the Music Genome Project™. Unfortunately the music selection seems to be a bit limited at the moment, as it very seldomly passes into the obscure, yet this is definitely worth investigating. Due to licensing constraints this service is currently only available in the U.S.
  • The Hidden Agenda of the Noise Music Conspiracy
    A disapproving essay about noise music.
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